Randomness and Clowns

Clowns. Clowns, of all things. I have never been afraid of clowns. Not even Tim Curry’s Pennywise, though admittedly when I last watched the miniseries, I was a freshman at Ball State and possibly slightly inebriated. That was a bonus of having an upperclassman as a roommate, she was never home on weekends and I always got the TV to myself. I digress.
It’s Halloween season. I am a big proponent of Halloween. I don’t find it evil or bad, just fun. It’s the fun of the come-as-you-aren’t. But now, there are clowns. I have a cousin who used to be scared of clowns. Or might still be, not sure on that one. Her sister and I tried to cure her of that fear, in a way. (Buying a creepy clown and putting it in random spots and claiming to see clowns during a camp-out totally counts as helping, right?)

Clowns all over this damn country. There were lockdowns today because of clowns. Clowns. Back in my day, bomb threats were the rage. Now it’s clowns. What I really have to wonder, is what idiot is still dressing up as a clown? People these days are too trigger happy. You want to get shot any time soon? Dress as a clown and hang out near kids. If that doesn’t define a creeper, I don’t know what would.

Just a few thoughts I had today with this circus going on. I could go into politics or actual depth, but where’s the fun in that? Also, it’s 7:30 in the evening, it’s been a long day, and my brain has put the kibosh on deep-thinking.